My business

I started in December 2015 to set up my own company in prey animals this was expanded in early 2016 with sustainable KVV for the dog. Later in 2016, fresh KVV was added. Because the dog industry is very different from the Reptiles and only fresh meat is not an ongoing company, we started looking for a supplement for our range. However I didn't want the standard dogs and cats snacks in the range this had to fit my principles though. As natural as possible with as few unnecessary additions as possible, then came the idea to set up your own brand. Suppliers were quickly found, now still a fun and varied catalog, so not the standard pig and beef. No we also want something different, we also want kangaroo and camel, also ostrich we found very original. In addition, it is also suitable for most dogs with a nutritional allergy.

At the beginning of 2017 we also started with a chunk line, again we found quality an important factor, we want to match the quality that is sold at the vet. We also have hydrolyzed chunks in our range, the animal proteins are cut into such small pieces by hydrolysation that the body no longer reacts to them.

We always strive to deliver a good product at the best possible price. Obviously want to earn some, but I don't need the top prize. I want to deliver quality and there is a price tag on that. The quality comes very close to organic, but there are too many demands that it becomes unaffordable there we are not waiting.

So who are we (am I)?

We are a sole proprietor who focuses on natural food for dog and cat with the best possible price & quality. Customer is king for us and we strive to always get you in 1st place.

We only work through webshop with the possibility of collection. Shipping costs are put in the cart by default, this will be turned off when selecting the pickup option. We recommend that you always select a delivery, when picking up a pick-up date and time period is required.

We can also occasionally be found on a market or fair look at our events calendar on the homepage.